7 Myths About Sexual Relationships that Nobody Told You

Despite all that has been said and written about sexuality, misinformation on the subject remains one of the leading causes of problems between husband and wife. A few years ago, several studies concluded that frankness around sexuality would put an end to taboos and ignorance. However, many experts note that there is still some incorrect information to which many always give credence, which can harm even the happiest marriages.

Myths About Sexual Relationships that Nobody Told You


1) Women are interested in sex less than men:
The reality is that if they have good health, in addition to sufficient time and energy, women equal as men in sexual appetite. Why, then, has this myth spread so widely? By tradition, children and girls taught specific behaviors related to their sex: girls learned to be demure and passive, and boys, aggressive. Although this may already be changing, many adult women may still believe that their attitude should be submissive and less expressive of their sexual concerns.

2) The more you concentrate on your technique to make love, the results will be better:
Nothing is further from reality. If you are thinking about how you should move, the areas of the body that should caress and what your partner feels, you will experience very little. The best sexual relationship occurred when you immersed at the moment, without physical or mental distractions.

3) Sexual activity with the same partner, year after year, becomes tedious:
The truth is that it is possible to have a pleasurable and lasting sexual relationship with a life partner. The boredom in this aspect is often a consequence of not knowing the couple well, and of not fully surrendering in the connection.

To maintain novelty, the couple may have to try to be bolder, show more inventiveness, use their imagination and have more fun when they make love.

4) Each member of the couple must do everything possible to please the other:
None of the people can be entirely responsible for the enjoyment of the other. However, it is possible to foster that delight by attending to the needs and desires that the couple externalize.

5) Men reach their maximum sexual capacity at 18 and then decay:
The production in the body of testosterone, the male hormone that influences sexual arousal, reaches its peak at that time of life; but the sexuality of man does not depend only on physiological questions.

The concept that man has of himself, of his partner and sexuality in general, affects the ability of his body to respond adequately to erotic stimuli. Therefore, a mature man of good health, who understands his sexuality and has an affectionate woman, can show a greater capacity for sensual expression than a young man of 18 years, who tends to focus his attention on the physical aspect.

6) Independent women with sexual initiative cause impotence in their partners:
In general terms, women do not cause impotence, which has more to do with man’s insecurity. From the male point of view, the most exciting couple is the sexually active. It is more likely that a dependent woman contributes to the impotence of man, which does not help to sexual intercourse more than its availability.

7) The erotic approach must always be spontaneous.
Many couples are discovering that, in the hustle and bustle of modern life, they have almost no time to make love. Whoever insists on being spontaneous always ends up finding out that their sexual activity diminishes until disappearing altogether.

It is not about planning intimate contacts because doing so is too artificial, but you have to reserve time to be with the couple. And, when the time comes, just let something beautiful happen.

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