Aphrodisiacs to increase pleasure

Many couples fall into routine and boredom invades them. Other times they simply want to innovate and introduce new forms into their routine to increase pleasure. In this sense, aphrodisiacs become great friends to increase desire and live exciting moments with your partner.

aphrodisiac food

The term aphrodisiac derives from Aphrodite, that is, goddess of love in Greek mythology. Throughout history, these substances are associated with increased sexual desire.

One of the ways to revive your partner’s passion is to prepare a romantic evening with aphrodisiac ingredients. This can lead you to relive one of the hottest experiences of your life.

Aphrodisiacs such as chocolate, garlic, cinnamon, almonds, onions, bananas, oysters, shrimps, clams, honey, strawberries or vanilla are all available on the menu to enhance the pleasure of your intimate relationships. Therefore, a good idea is to prepare a dinner with seafood and a good dessert of pieces of strawberries, bananas or chocolate.

Some aphrodisiac foods act to a greater or lesser extent depending on sex. For example, for men, especially seafood, black sugar, is recommended as it produces an increase in blood glucose, nuts, almonds or pistachios. Meanwhile, for women, the most recommended aphrodisiacs are aniseed, which has been widely used since ancient Greece and the Romans, almonds and chocolate. These aphrodisiacs can be consumed indiscriminately by both and preferably at an intimate dinner.

In order to prepare a hot environment, the aroma and atmosphere must also be taken into account. For example, innovating the colours of the dishes or an attractive presentation of them are positive elements to increase the predisposition to desire. You have to choose the details carefully and serve a good table.

Lighting some candles and playing background music that is pleasant for both of you will also increase the desire. In addition, a glass of wine will also help increase libido. Wine relaxes and helps stimulate our senses. Contributes to add a dose of eroticism to your date thanks to its sensual color or its movement in the glass.

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