The brain is the most important sexual organ

How to stimulate the brain for a sexual organ?

The largest sexual organ is not between the legs but above, in the brain. As you read it, our erotic behavior is governed by the part of the brain in charge of emotions, the limbic system.

That is the reason why human eroticism is not only an instrument to perpetuate the species but a social act, a physical dialogue between lovers, a playful and pleasant activity.

And yes, being a social act is also influenced by our environment, education, taboos, myths, inhibitions, religious beliefs, emotional deprivation, good and bad experiences in general.

The greatest orgasmic stimulus is in the head, the hypothalamus is responsible for sexual desire, that is where the excitement process begins thanks to stimuli that come through the senses: visual, touch, hearing, smell and taste.

The interaction of the five senses: sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing, or each of them in particular, as well as fantasies, dreams and the evocation of rewarding experiences, are sensitive stimuli that can trigger a sexual response and it is precisely the brain that is the integrating and effector organ of this total response of the organism.

During sexual intercourse a hormonal torrent is triggered, oxytocin strengthens the affective bonds, endorphins increase our lust and dopamine helps us to forget our problems and pains when we are in the midst of an erotic moment.

How to stimulate the brain?

Taste, touch, sight and smell are the senses we use most during sexual intercourse. We often forget the sense of hearing. If the mind is an erogenous zone, words are the tool that stimulates it.

It incorporates dirty words during your erotic encounters, but also wheezing and loving whispers, there is nothing more exciting for the couple than to be sure that you are liking the moment.

Finally, one more way to stimulate the brain is through erotic writing. Former porn star Sasha Grey says that written fantasies can be more rewarding than reality. Try to read erotic literature of quality, you decide what kind, remember that as long as it is legal and does not put you or anyone else at risk, in sexuality everything is valid. Enjoy!

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