How do you know if you need to have sex?

Beyond a reproductive issue, sex has benefits for people’s physical and emotional health. Having sexual activity once or twice a week can improve the immune system, which prevents illness like the flu.

However, it is not always possible to maintain regular sexual activity, either because you are unmarried or simply do not have the time. How do you find out that you need or want to have sex?

  1. Daytime fantasies. These are mental representations created by the unconscious, in this case have sex as the main theme. Remember, they are representations of a desire, whether it is possible or not.
  2. Bad mood. Anything exasperates you, especially if it’s a demonstration of love between a couple.
  3. Frequent sexual thoughts? When you want something, you think about it regularly. It becomes a goal, a need that when fulfilled liberates you.
  4. Sexual attraction. It comes from a cocktail full of ingredients. Obey the cognitive, affective and neurobiological aspects, and complete it with internal and external factors; however, when you feel attracted to a person that you never even looked at before, it can be a sign that your sexual desire increases.
  5. Masturbation. It is a practice that allows self-exploration and autoeroticism, but it also serves as an escape from sexual tension, which can sometimes be difficult to forget and release with a partner.
  6. You’re looking for sexual stimulation. Excitement is understood as the first part of the response to sex, whether it is provided through touch or sight. This sensation is pleasant, but when you look for it on a regular basis it reveals a sexual desire that is increasing.
  7. You’re the only one who decides. Sex is not a necessity such as eating or sleeping; it is rather part of a desire that can only arise from you. Remember, no one can choose for you what you should feel and what you want for your sexual encounters.

Everything in sex is allowed, provided there is respect and responsibility on both sides. Enjoy your sexuality!

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