Prostate massage for men

Before we begin to explain why prostate massage is so healthy and enjoyable we would have to answer what the prostate is. This part of the male body is a gland that is located under the bladder and is responsible for secreting part of the man’s semen. That’s why this area is very erogenous and makes for a very pleasant pleasure for all men.

is highly recommended to use a prostate massager

But in prostatic massage we not only massage the prostate but also another male erogenous zone: the perineum. This region is located between the genitals and the anus. A very sensitive area and reacts quickly to stimuli, giving intense pleasure to any man.

The prostate massage can be performed for pleasant use but also for medicinal use, as it will help to relax this part of the man allowing him a release of muscles.

This is an area very sensitive and open to feeling a very immense pleasure so it can cause an orgasm without genital stimulation. Before starting the prostate massage, good hygiene is recommended, so that the sensation is completely pleasant. The area must then be thoroughly lubricated so that there is no pain.

First of all, after taking into account the two previous steps, gently and carefully insert a finger in the anus to help relax. Then we will introduce several fingers with a slight curvature. With the fingertips we will gently massage the prostate without excessive pressure. If you don’t want to play with your fingers out of embarrassment or fear, it’s best to get a prostate massager. Some even incorporate a very pleasant perineal stimulator.

It is highly recommended to use a prostate massager because with this sex toy, you can experience different sensations much more pleasant than using your own finger.

Prostate massagers can come in different shapes and textures. With or without vibrator to experiment with your own body, your maximum point of pleasure. It’s also something you can do with your partner to rekindle the flame in bed.

Many men agree that prostate massage before intercourse helps prolong the time of vaginal penetration and afterward to achieve complete sexual satisfaction.

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