Sex on holiday, tips for enjoying it

One way to regain sensuality and attraction in the relationship is to have sex on vacation.

People feel more attraction and sexual desire in their days of rest, as holiday sex reduces anxiety and tightens the bonds in the relationship.

Holidays are an excellent opportunity to increase sexual interest, communication and fun with the couple.

Get your sexuality back!

Holidays are an excellent opportunity to increase sexual interest

In order to regain sexual attraction for your partner and have sex on vacation that increases the intensity of orgasms, we present the following tips:

  • Flirt. It is recommended to carry out activities that you did in the stage of infatuation, from flirtations and conversations to the physical contact that they had in a beginning.
  • Forget the weather. The sun stimulates the production of hormones such as testosterone, endorphin and serotonin, which helps to increase sexual desire, so enjoy it and spend more time on foreplay and physical contact.
  • Restore the good mood. A dose of laughter will relax the body and produce a sense of well-being, allowing for greater connection in the relationship.
  • Recover your passion. Use your creative potential to revive the flame of love and attraction.
  • Elevate eroticism. Let your mind fill with erotic sensations and share your emotions with your partner, recommends the psychologist.
  • Enjoy the moment. Feel and enjoy each caress, kiss, hug that you experience in intimacy, let yourself be carried away by those pleasurable sensations.
  • Learn from every meeting. Don’t be so picky about your partner or yourself. Mistakes help you perfect your encounters; diversity also enriches your sex life.
  • Practice the language of love. Express your emotions and what you feel at that moment to your partner, it can be very exciting for both of you.
  • Share sex stories. Inventing a story with your most intimate wishes can help you regain pleasure. Put it into practice and discover new sensations.
  • Enjoy your erotic life on vacation. Turn every moment and activity into something fun and enjoyable, feel sexy to attract your partner’s attention.

Remember that stress has a direct impact on your quality of life and your relationship as a couple, so look for spaces that provide relaxation to enjoy your privacy 100%. And you, do you have a pleasant sex life?

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