When use Sex toys?

The game is part of our lives, and it is good never to stop playing, and one of the games for adults can be supplemented with toys that are a bit uptight

When we are small, we play with toys for children. When we are adults, should we stop playing? The game is part of our lives, and it is good never to stop playing, and one of the games for adults can be supplemented with toys that are a bit uptight, but it is important to ask when we can use sex toys and when it is not recommended. I’m going start talking when it is not good for you using sex toys.

When can sex toys be used

When do not use Sex toys?
When we think that sex toys can replace or fill a void in our shared sexuality or to fix some severe sexual difficulty.
If we believe that sex toys can be the substitute for sexuality shared with someone, it is better not to use it since we will not find that substitution.

Many sex toys have been invented to replace a couple. They have indeed created some dolls apparently very similar to humans … but (apart from being a product not accessible to all pockets) is a toy that cannot replace an essential part of shared sexuality: human warmth, physical warmth and the heat of human arousal.

And when there is a severe difficulty in the sexuality of a person, we recommend that you seek the advice of a professional, not necessarily therapy, but the help of a professional who understands the human desire and who can advise and guide on the difficulty in question.

When can sex toys be used?
For any of the other situations! Sex toys serve to nourish desire, increase pleasure, find new ways to have fun as a couple or alone, be more creative…

But before starting to play with sex toys, it is recommended that everyone knows their body, their feelings, understand what they like to play and what not, that they have clear rules of their sexuality (and those of their partner, if you want to play with the couple) …

When we have these bright premises, we can use sex toys to increase pleasure. That’s why toys can be used whenever you want:

  • Break the routine: every couple can fall prey to the same method. “We always do the same and I no longer have fun,” say many people who come to consultation. At that time, sex toys can help incorporate new things in bed and that breaks the routine.
  • Increase desire: if routine invades us, the desire tends to plummet. Therefore, the use of sex toys reincorporates the spark that perhaps had been lost over time.
  • Quench curiosity: curiosity is key to enjoying a good sex life and a curious person will always tend to have sex a little more than someone who is not curious.
  • To know new sensations: it is not the same to receive stimulation with the hands, with the mouth, with the penis, with the skin that with the sex toys, the reason why we can incorporate new sensations that with the body only cannot be had.

Going to an erotic shop
Years ago, erotic shops were dark, aimed at men and with a reduced repertoire of toys.
Today erotic shops have gained light, they are aimed at men and women, they have a wide range of sex toys and for all tastes and colors.

And not only have booths and movies (as before) but the flagship products already they are books, lingerie, games, and toys (there are even materials that we use to work in therapy with some sexual dysfunctions).

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